Our People

Parishioners of predominantly white Foundry United Methodist Church and predominantly black Asbury United Methodist Church in Washington greet each other during a 'service of confession and repentance.' A UMNS photo © Jay Mallin.

As one of our hymns states, "The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple, the church is not a resting place, the church is a people" ("We Are the Church" United Methodist Hymnal #558).

The United Methodist Church connects more than 12 million members on four continents, and engages in ministry all around the world. We speak many languages, come from various cultures, and span generations. Yet, we are united in our faith in Jesus Christ. 

Learn more about the amazing people called United Methodists. 

An image of the Wesleys' "Holy Club" meeting at Oxford, based on a 19th century lithograph. Used with permission from the Methodist Collection of Drew University.

Who We Are

Why the Wesleys, and others, came to be called Methodists

Early members of the movement had nicknames like Holy Club, Bible Moths, Sacramentarians, and Enthusiasts. Learn why one name stuck.

Sean Santellan, a member of Napa Methodist Church in Napa, California, turned "trash to toilets" when the 6-year-old joined in his church's capital campaign for renovations by collecting recyclables. Photo courtesy of Napa Methodist Church

Who We Are

Amazing Kids of The United Methodist Church

Our children are doing amazing things - raising funds to build wells, selling lemonade to assist others, and offering free bike helmets to keep kids safe.


Modern United Methodists

Inspiring Historic Figures