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Military & Veterans

Foto por Kathleen Barry, UMNS.

Although we oppose war and urge nations to find peaceful means of conflict resolution, The United Methodist Church loves and supports those who serve in the armed forces.

We are committed to providing pastoral ministry to members of the armed forces and their families both during their service and after their return home. Congregations are encouraged to support those serving through prayer and to welcome their participation in the ministry of the church once they return.

The church also advocates on behalf of veterans, particularly those who are suffering from physical and emotional injuries, for medical care and benefits to promote their healing and successful return to civilian life.

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Lifelong United Methodist and Vietnam veteran Tom Lough (pictured above left in Vietnam and above right in 2021) has composed a song as a tribute to Army veterans. Photos courtesy of Tom Lough.

How We Serve

'Ever Faithful' United Methodist pens Army hymn

Tom Lough almost lost his life in the Vietnam War. Today, the lifelong United Methodist pays tribute to his fellow Army veterans with a hymn written especially for them.

Statistics suggest that millions of U.S. military veterans suffer from PTSD following active duty. Military chaplain the Rev. Bill Libby says he often meets fellow veterans who are still feeling the effects of the Vietnam War 40 years after their active service.

How We Serve

Sunday School Class Supports Veterans

Church celebrates the unique gifts of those who've served. "You want to touch hearts and minds for the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Find some veterans."


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