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The Recap

The Recap: What United Methodists Need to Know

What United Methodists need to know

The Recap offers a quick glimpse into top stories from across The United Methodist Church’s global connection. Each episode will offer viewers a chance to gain a better understanding of what is going on in the denomination.

You can expect to find:

  • Inspirational stories of United Methodists transforming the world
  • Insights about the impact current events and issues have on the denomination
  • Information about how you can support featured ministries
  • Opportunities to learn more about each story
The Recap, Episode 11

The Recap

The Recap | Episode 11

Disaster response underway around the world | Creation care via beach cleanup in Hawaii | Youth 2023 welcomes 2,500 young people | #BeUMC

The Recap, Episode 10

The Recap

The Recap | Episode 10

Volunteers fulfill needs in Angola | Bronze medalist is United Methodist | Africa University graduates its largest class | Challenge Camp | #BeUMC


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