Spiritual Practices

Ways we find ourselves becoming more aware of God

You're not the only one who feels like the only one. We believe there are practices, both ancient and modern, that connect us to one another, our inner-most selves, and the Divine. Let's find connection together in carving out moments of contemplation, prayerful reflection, and thankfulness.
Engage in the Lenten discipline of imago divina by taking or sharing an image related to each day's theme. Image courtesy of Rethink Church.


Lent Photo-a-Day 2020

Each day during the season of Lent, reflect on a word of the day that invites you to pause, reflect and respond on social media.

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Communion and Worship at Relevance X, February 2016

New to the UMC?

Communion: a counter-cultural act

What is communion and why is it such an important practice for Christians?

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In Community