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Spiritual Moments on the Go

While we believe God is everywhere, recognizing God's presence wherever we are requires deliberate attention. We also recognize that time can feel short or crunched in day-to-day living. So we offer these practices as inspiration for holy moments no matter where you are or how much time you have.

Centering Prayer

Carve out a few minutes for a holy experience in the midst of a busy day by following these quick steps for Centering Prayer—a form of prayerful meditation.

Lectio Divina

This Spiritual Moment on the Go provides an ancient practice which combines prayer and reading the Bible. Lectio Divina is helpful and easily applicable today.

Breath Prayer

The ancient practice of breath prayer ties a short, rhythmic prayer to our breathing. It's simple, and a meaningful way to practice mindfulness. For a deeper look at the practice (and more videos), visit the breath prayer page.