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Faith and boldness: The Caleb Generation unveiled

Do you know the story of Caleb? It's a story of intrigue, spies, craftiness, honesty, integrity and boldness. And in this 4-part video series, Rev. Patricia Peña notes that this ancient story has a lot to teach us today about living with integrity and accepting our own power to change the world around us.

Rev. Peña is Director of Diversity and Innovative Community Engagement at Path 1.

Caleb Generation part 1: Faith and Boldness

In "Caleb Generation: Episode 1," Rev. Patricia Peña delves into the story of Caleb, whom God chose as one of the twelve scouts to explore the promised land. While the majority of the scouts came back with fearful reports of giants, Caleb stood out with his unwavering belief in God's strength and promises. His faith-filled perspective allowed him to see the land flowing with milk and honey.


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Caleb Generation part 2: The Caleb Generation's Bridge from the Past to a Hopeful Future

In "Caleb Generation: Episode 2," Rev. Patricia Peña continues unraveling what it means to be a bridge between past experiences and future possibilities, as we navigate the crossroads of life. Rev. Peña emphasizes the significance of remembering God's faithfulness in our lives. Just as Caleb understood the value of looking back at the desert journey, we are all encouraged to recognize the pivotal moments where God has shown provision, love, and guidance. By acknowledging these instances, we can find strength and hope in our current circumstances.


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Caleb Generation Part 3: Courage in Every Step

In Caleb Generation Part 3, Rev. Patricia Peña invites us to choose courageously, just like Caleb. She emphasizes the importance of lifting up the new generation of Joshuas and being a bridge for the "Generacion in Between." Patricia shares a moving story of someone who understood this concept and lived their life wholeheartedly, trusting in the Lord.


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From Inadequacy to Abundance: Embracing the Power of Ordinary Things and Ordinary People

Rev. Patricia Peña demonstrates how ordinary things in the hands of God can lead to extraordinary achievements. Do you ask yourself if you are enough? Patricia says ordinary people can create the extraordinary through trust and perseverance. Let's be open to the miraculous possibilities that await us when we surrender our ordinary into God's extraordinary hands.


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