End Racism

End Racism Rally Sign

United Methodists Stand Against Racism

We recognize racism as a sin.

We commit to challenging unjust systems of power and access.

We will work for equal and equitable opportunities in employment and promotion, education and training; in voting, access to public accommodations, and housing; to credit, loans, venture capital, and insurance; to positions of leadership and power in all elements of our life together; and to full participation in the Church and society.

Our panel discussion on the theological roots of racism featured several theologians. Screenshot of video by United Methodist Communications.

Dismantling Racism Panel Discussions

Explore and watch previous dismantling racism panel discussions, and plan to join us for the next one.

"Dismantling Racism" is an initiative of The United Methodist Church.

Racial Justice

'Dismantling Racism' Events

Online and in-person events around the connection that are helping us respond to racism individually and as a denomination.


What can you do?


Ask God to show us the truth of our sin and how we might become agents of God’s justice, mercy, love and re-creation. Cry out to God for guidance. Listen for the voice of Jesus in meditation, Bible study, worship and conversation to guide our ways. Proclaim release, recovery and liberation for the oppressed. 


United Methodists Stand Against Racism. Image by United Methodist Communications.

Talk to people within and beyond the church who are doing anti-racism well. Ask questions. Listen to and respect diverse voices. Learn how and where racism shows in your community and how others are harmed by its effects. Harness United Methodist and other resources that address institutional racism. 

Show up

Be present to the pain of another. Attend a prayer vigil. Join a demonstration. Organize a church school class to read, discuss, and respond to institutional racism. Tell church leaders, community leaders and elected officials that you want to learn and help with dismantling racism in your community.


Support cross-racial/cross-cultural ministries in your area. Preach and teach about the harm racism does and how it offends our God. Harness the Holy Spirit anointing to rid your congregation and ministry settings of all vestiges of institutional racial bias. Challenge your bishop, mayor, governor, police chief, or other elected officials to encode anti-racism policies and practices. Join the ongoing work for racial justice in the church and world.