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Dismantling Racism: Listen & Learn

The Dismantling Racism panel discussion series educates and informs United Methodists as they work together to actively fight racism in the church and the world. The short videos below offer helpful insights shared during these vital conversations.

Watch, listen and learn. Then, explore the full-length panel discussions to further deepen your knowledge.

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Dismantling Racism panel speaker James Lawson

Dismantling Racism: Can The UMC be antiracist?

Civil rights leaders the Rev. James Lawson, Bishop Joel Maritnez and Clara Ester talk about the hope they have as they work toward dismantling racism.
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Dismantling Racism panel speaker Fred Day

Dismantling Racism: What would John Wesley say?

The Rev. Fred Day III, former General Secretary of Archives & History, shares what John Wesley might say to us today as we fight racism.
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Dismantling Racism panel speaker Ann Jacob

Dismantling Racism: What can a congregation do?

United Methodist leaders Ann Jacob & Andres De Arco discuss things a local church can do to address racism in their community.
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Dismantling Racism panel speaker Sue Thrasher

Dismantling Racism: What can I do?

Civil rights leader Sue Thrasher remembers coming to the realization that she had a choice to either be on the side of the past, or of the future.
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Dismantling Racism panel speaker Theon Johnson

Dismantling Racism: When is justice ‘just’?

The Rev. Theon Johnson shares, "Justice is only just if it is for all.” Love of God and love of neighbor go hand in hand.
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Dismantling Racism YouTube playlist

Dismantling Racism: Discover more videos

Watch additional short insights, as well as full-length panel discussions, on The UMC’s Social Concerns YouTube playlist.
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