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Deeply rooted

Cedar Crest Camp in Lyles, Tennessee, has been owned and operated by the Tennessee Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church since 1959. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

United Methodists enjoy a rich history, one steeped in Scripture, tradition and faith.

United Methodists' roots include people who for more than 2000 years have followed Jesus.

 A few centuries ago, John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, defined Methodists as, "a people who profess to pursue (in whatsoever measure they have attained) holiness of heart and a steady imitation of Him they worship... in justice, mercy, and truth, or universal love filling the heart, and governing the life."

As we go into the world, we do so with an appreciation for our heritage and strive to model our abiding faith to others.


Damon Neal, a member at Dallas Indian United Methodist Church, believes every stroke of his painting, "A Window to Heaven" was inspired by the Holy Spirit," which also led the artist to find healing for his grief. Photo courtesy of Dallas Indian United Methodist Church.

Our People

Healing through a Spirit-filled 'Window to Heaven'

A Native American artist finds healing for his grief by painting a mural at his United Methodist church, a piece of art he titled "Window to Heaven."

Ashley Boggan Dreff of the General Commission on Archives and History

What We Believe

Understanding our spiritual goal as United Methodists

Ashley Boggan Dreff with the General Commission on Archives and History discusses how our Wesleyan heritage helps UMs understand our spiritual goal.