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Heritage Sunday: Honoring our past and envisioning our future

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Heritage Sunday is a day when United Methodists ponder their past and envision their future as part of The United Methodist Church. 


On the third Sunday of May, United Methodists celebrate Heritage Sunday, a day to honor our past and envision our future.

The observance corresponds with Aldersgate Day which commemorates the day – May 24, 1738 - when John Wesley, while attending a group meeting on Aldersgate Street in London, felt his heart was strangely warmed with the assurance of God’s love.

 Today, United Methodists may choose to remember our founding ancestors, including Susanna, John and Charles Wesley, Francis Asbury, Martin Boehm and Philip William Otterbein. The day also is a time when many United Methodists celebrate their local church histories, reflecting on the connectionalism of our denomination’s rich traditions.

On Heritage Sunday, and every day, we thank God for the enduring heritage of The United Methodist Church, ponder our own legacy in the story of our denomination and pray for a vision and understanding to serve God more fully throughout the world.

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