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United Methodist People of God

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The United Methodist Church is a family of faith, millions strong all over the world. We asked members from around the globe why they love being United Methodist. Care for creation, ethnic and theological diversity, and an open communion table are just some of the things people say make the United Methodist Church feel like home.

Derrick Scott

love the diversity of the United Methodist Church. I love our theological diversity. I love our global diversity. I often tell people you never meet the same United Methodist twice. I love that because there’s so much to learn from the body of Christ.

Chebon Kernell

The first memory of growing up in this denomination is historically our conference had youth rallies and gatherings. I found myself in that role of becoming one of the UMYF presidents over the years. And really it was during that time that I began to see my own worth, my own value as a person of faith, as a person and a member of creation.

Venus Mae Gotdula

I always say how being a United Methodist we’ve been taught to do no harm, do good and stay in love with God, are the basic principles that I live by. And the United Methodist Church has taught me that. And that is also why It’s important to me to remain United Methodist.

Manuel Padilla

So being a Methodist runs in my family. My dad is a retired pastor in one of the autonomous churches in Latin America. I am a United Methodist because I truly believe in the concept of open table. I love the concept of being a family that welcomes everyone, no matter who you are or where you are from or where you are going. We will welcome you, we will embrace you. And that is not an option, that is not something that is nice to have. That is a response to our doctrine, to our beliefs and to our history as United Methodist people.

Jani Djamba

I want other young people to give the church a chance because for me it was like finding a home. I could try things out and could get to know myself better, and get to know my talents church was a home for me.

Dominique Thalmas

A spiritual family can often be closer than a biological family, because we are the emissaries of Christ. Christ sends us into the world to bring peace to those who are troubled, to bring joy to those who are depressed and to bring happiness to those who may lack it. It’s important to take part in this family to contribute to the transforming of the world, as we are called.

Havea Tukutau

I feel like I became a leader in the church because it was just instilled in me. That’s how I grew up. Growing up in Sunday school my mom was always the one that like…I wouldn’t even have my hand raised. My mom was like, “Havea?” I’m like, ….. I’d give an answer. And it was just like having a leadership quality was kind of just put in me by my parents. And it’s been a blessing to be part of something as big as General Conference. It was something even as small as being part of the praise team at church.

Cashar Evans

I have great hope for the church. I think that there’s… It’s just boundless and term…and limitless in terms of what can happen and what has happened. And I’m just proud to be a United Methodist.

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This video was first posted on March 2, 2020.

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