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Fanny Crosby wrote more than 8,000 hymns and gospel songs, with more than 100 million copies printed. Despite being blind, she penned "Blessed Assurance" and "Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross" and wrote more hymns than Charles Wesley. Learn more about this Methodist legend.

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Avery Rhodes at Church of the Reconciler shows some ornaments made from Recylcled plastic.

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Church of the Recyclers

A United Methodist Church in downtown Birmingham, Alabama hopes to set an example that will create jobs through green initiatives.

Archivist Brian Shelter shows a rare first edition King James "He" Bible in the Drew collection.

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Treasures in the United Methodist Archives: The “He Bible”

Staff at the United Methodist archives at Drew University discovered a priceless treasure among items donated to the collection. A family Bible on a storage shelf turned out to be a rare, first edition King James Bible. This first edition included an error in which Ruth is referred to as "he." Less than 200 of these "He Bibles" are known to exist.


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