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The Christmas story as told by children

Children from Buda United Methodist Church in Texas present a heart-warming version of Jesus’ birth complete with angels, a slightly grumpy donkey and a very tiny king. This is a classic encore from a 2014 post. 


Mary was really scared when the angel came to her.

It was one main angel called Gabriel. He was just a boy angel. He has wings and he was all white.

The angel said, “You’re going to have a special baby – and it’s God’s son.”

Mary was kind of happy and kind of scared… but happy because she was going to have the Son of God.

Joseph, he was a builder.

Mary told Joseph that she was going to have a baby named Jesus and it was God’s son. And Joseph went, “WHAT?!”

Then Joseph saw an angel from God in a dream.

I think Joseph was really scared.

Mary and Joseph had to go to be counted by Caesar Augustus.

And, then they went to Bethlehem… on a donkey.

Joseph struggled. And, sometimes the donkey gave up.

She looked like she was bouncing up and down and holding her stomach… and round… because she was pregnant and very heavy.

(We have no room! You must go away!)

(We have no room – go away!)

They looked very hard without seeing a place.

(Go away!)

Mary and Joseph did not know what to do.

But they knew God was with them.

The inn keeper said, “Yes, there’s a barn in the back. You could stay there.”

They called the baby, Jesus, and they loved him so much.

(Musical interlude)

The angels told the shepherds to follow the star.

The star was most evidently, large. Probably enormous compared to normal stars.

Like when the kings and stuff came, and the shepherds and all, they had chit-chat, a party, something like that.

(Musical interlude – “What Child is This?”)


Editor's Note: Special thanks to Buda United Methodist Church for the use of this video.