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Worship at Tongan United Methodist Church

A Spirit-filled Christian life is one that is rooted in scripture, prayer, worship, service and justice.

With Christians around the globe and through the ages, United Methodists use their gifts to serve, worship and reflect God.

How are you a spirit-filled person of God? #BeUMC

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United Methodist hymn no. 334, "Sweet, Sweet Spirit," was inspired when Doris Akers, legendary gospel music songwriter and choir director, insisted her choir spend more time praying. Photo by Steven Kyle Adair at Glendale United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn.


United Methodist hymn's 'sweet, sweet Spirit'-filled origins

"Sweet, Sweet, Spirit," a beloved United Methodist hymn, was written by the legendary Doris Akers, known as "Miss Gospel Music."

The Holy Spirit is made evident in our lives in a variety of ways. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

What We Believe

The Holy Spirit at work in your life

The Holy Spirit is shown in our lives in myriad ways. When serving neighbors, doing no harm, and gathering for worship, the Spirit is alive within us.


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