People of God

We are a missional people of God. Image by United Methodist Communications.

We are living through trying times. Life is different because of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

As we seek to follow Jesus, the people of The United Methodist Church continue to be what we have been at our best—a spirit-filled, resilient, missional, deeply-rooted, diverse, connected and faithful people of God.

This is who God continues to call us to be.

The “People of God” campaign is meant to serve as a reminder of who we know we have been at our best -- the spirit-filled, resilient, missional, connected, faithful, diverse and deeply rooted people of God called The United Methodist Church.

Who We Are

We are people of God

In the midst of the uncertainly, let us remember that God has called us to be the People of God.

Derrick Scott is an Executive Director with the Wesley Foundation

Who We Are

United Methodist People of God

We asked United Methodists from around the globe why they love being United Methodist.