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Congregants at Wells UMC in Mississippi pray for each other.

Faith is the bedrock of our spiritual journey.

As United Methodists, we seek an ongoing, meaningful journey of discipleship, one guided by God's love and where we strive to model our lives after Jesus.

Wherever we are -- in our church communities, with our neighbors or spending time alone -- we are devoted to living a faithful life. 

How are you a faithful person of God? #BeUMC

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Faith formation isn't limited to time spent at church. United Methodist children's ministry experts share tips to help parents make the everyday more holy for the entire family. Pictured: Sunday worship attendees at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Fremont, Calif. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Family and Faith

8 ways to nurture faith in young children

United Methodist children’s ministry experts offer ideas to help parents make the everyday more holy for the entire family.

Daffodils in the spring. Photo by Maria Tyutina from Pexels

What We Believe

Spring symbols remind us of Resurrection

The birds, bees, and flowers of spring can make it easier to understand the promise of new life and renewed hope that Christians proclaim as "Easter people."


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