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We, as United Methodists, are a faithful and devoted people.

We make commitments to Christ, to our church, to one another. We seek to address inequities in the world, including racial injustices.

Through it all, we hold steadfast to God, each other and our mission.

The people of The United Methodist Church are grounded in Scripture

Our People


What does it mean to you to be United Methodist? To #BeUMC? Discover inspiring stories from fellow United Methodists, and share your own experience, through the #BeUMC campaign.

Protesters march during the “I Will Breathe” rally on June 4, 2020, at Legislative Plaza in Nashville, Tenn. Thousands attended the rally in support of George Floyd, who was killed in Minneapolis by a police officer. Photo by Chanitra Dreher Photography.

Racial Justice

Perspectives: A conversation with civil rights titans about racism

Five United Methodist civil rights legends reflect on racial injustice and the role of the denomination in ending racism.


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