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Five things to experience on the new

The newly redesigned homepage
The newly redesigned homepage

We’ve made it simple to find the information you want from The United Methodist Church. Here’s what you’ll discover on our newly redesigned, mobile-friendly website,

1. Dedicated space for newcomers. Are you new to The United Methodist Church, or want a place to share with friends and family members who may be interested in "testing the waters" of our denomination? We've made it easy to learn more with one click on New to the UMC?.

2. Inspirational stories and videos you. We’ve got stories and videos of how the people of The United Methodist Church are living out their faith and changing the world. 

3. Find a church wherever you are. The website's most popular feature, Find-A-Church, got a functional facelift with the relaunch. Geolocation technology makes it possible to show you United Methodist churches nearby. The new, improved Find-A-Church includes churches outside the U.S., and we’re continuing to add new countries.

4. We've got podcasts. The popularity of podcasts is growing exponentially, and it's easy to see why. You can listen whenever you want, wherever you are. We've got conversations to help you Get Your Spirit in Shape and a Compass to guide you along your faith journey.

5. Have questions? We've got answers! Get your questions answered one to one. We're not just a website. Ask The UMC connects you with real people who can respond to your questions via live chat or email.

And that's just to get you started. Spend some time exploring the site to learn more about what it means to be United Methodist, how to grow in your faith, and the ways in which we are living our faith around the world every day. 

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