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The United Methodist Church is a trusted voice in communities around the world; one that works to be a connected body where relationships can be established and strengthened, and where ideas and resources can be shared. But what if people can't find the local church? Or what if the Church doesn't know that a local church exists or where it is exactly?

When Typhoon Haiyan swept into the Philippines, it caused catastrophic damage, destroying homes, tearing families apart, and knocking out all electricity. For days, a lack of communication in and out of devastated areas left the extent of damage unclear. For Rev. Dave Cosmiano, district superintendent in Eastern Visayas, this meant days of wondering what had come of his community.

In times like these, ham radio is a lifesaver. For ham radio enthusiast Genaro Cuaresma, it meant hearing from his colleagues that they were safe even after all the houses had been wiped out. “I had goose bumps,” he said of hearing from his friends.

In areas where power outages and dead spots prevent newer communications tools like internet and cell phones from working, ham radio allows emergency response to prevail. Trained, equipped, licensed radio operators can still direct messages so that rescue teams can be dispatched and recovery supplies can be delivered.


for Same-Day and Sustained Communications

Ham radio is just one of the many strategies used to provide same-day and sustained communications to communities around the world. In addition to this off-grid communications method, your partnership also expands other methods.

In the Philippines, where an average of 20 typhoons hit each year, five of which are destructive, off-grid communication systems, particularly ham radio, not only remains at the tip of the spear for preparedness and response, but also provides hope and peace of mind. Rev. Cosmiano hopes more people will be trained, better equipped with present-day technology, and given ham radio operating licenses. His hope and prayer is that when disaster strikes again in the Philippines, or anywhere in the world, the voice of hope and the actions of the people of the United Methodist Church will bring relief, encouragement, and recovery expertise when life suddenly changes.

By supporting the work and programs of Global Communications Technology, you can make Rev. Cosmiano's hope a reality by equipping and training clergy and laity disaster management teams on the use and maintenance of ham radios.



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