Linking Faith and Technology

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Same Day Sustained Communicatins

Same-Day Sustained Communications

Imagine arriving at work, logging on to your computer and finding that the internet was unavailable. Would you be able to fulfill your responsibilities without email or instant messaging? What if a disaster were to strike or disease to break out? How would you know what to do? Many of us would flip on the TV or search for updates online, but what if these options weren’t available?


Global Data Sharing

The United Methodist Church is a trusted voice in communities around the world; one that works to be a connected body where relationships can be established and strengthened, and where ideas and resources can be shared. But what if people can’t find the local church? Or what if the Church doesn’t know that a local church exists or where it is exactly?

Programmatic Partnerships

Programmatic Partnerships

Can you imagine walking a full day to a clinic to receive the life-saving malaria treatment your child needs only to discover the necessary medicine was out of stock? How would you feel if you showed up for seminary to find you had no way to access the textbooks you would need for the semester?


Your Partnership Will ...

Put previously unrecognized churches of faithful congregations on the map

Equip communicators around the world with the tools they need to share the Gospel

Better connect churches to their local communities and to the larger United Methodist Church

Facilitate immediate communications in remote areas

Explore new ways to spread the good news of Jesus with people around the world

Impact the social and economic well-being of communities, while also improving their health and governance

Ensure that the missions and ministries of The United Methodist Church continue to be delivered increasingly more efficiently and on a far broader scale than ever before


You can create life-saving and Church-changing impact today. Get people connected and
[EM]POWERED through Global Communications Technology.

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