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United Methodist Beliefs Prevenient Grace

Do you have questions about the meaning of some of the terms and teachings of The United Methodist Church? In this series, we ask clergy to share their understanding of topics. No preaching, just conversation. In this episode we discuss the concept of prevenient grace with the Rev. Gary Henderson.


The Rev. Gary Henderson, United Methodist Communications: “Prevenient Grace is a really large term but to keep it simple, it is “grace before we knew we needed it.” Grace reaches out to us. It is God’s provision for us before we knew it and before we were aware of it. I have this image of the circus and the trapeze artists, and they’re doing these incredible things way up high and it’s dangerous. Life is like that. Sometimes they begin to fall and there’s a net there. Sometimes it’s people, we begin to fall. And through prevenience, we have a net available to us. Grace is everywhere. We are caught up in the net of God’s care. John Wesley understood this grace. It is this grace that was so compelling for John Wesley that he shared with the whole world, and it reaches out to us today.”


John Wesley preached and wrote often about the amazing grace that leads us into renewed relationship with God.

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This video was first posted on November 17, 2017.

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