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Complete Answers to Where in the World are United Methodists? Part 2

1. Available in 35 languages in 100+ countries, where is The Upper Room published?
The correct answer is Nashville, Tennessee. Many United Methodists are familiar with the bi-monthly, daily devotional guide called The Upper Room. Often found in the literature racks of our churches and available online, The Upper Room is the first thing some read every morning and the last others read every night. For more than 80 years, the devotional thoughts have been shared over meals, discussed in Sunday School classes, and read aloud in hospital rooms all over the world.

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2. Where did United Methodists create a music video for their 100th birthday?
The correct answer is Côte d'Ivoire. In 2014, United Methodists in Côte d'Ivoire celebrated 100 years of Methodism in their country. United Methodists from coast-to-coast sang in celebration from their hearts and in their native language. The music video called all United Methodists to converge in glorious celebration and urged all United Methodists to dance!

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3. Mary Johnston Hospital has provided free healthcare since 1906. Where is it?
The correct answer is the Philippines. Mary Johnston Hospital, a Heritage Landmark of The United Methodist Church, has been providing free and low-cost healthcare to residents in the impoverished Tondo neighborhood of Manila for over 100 years. Mary Johnston serves as a training hospital for doctors and nurses. Suggestions have been made to relocate to a more affluent part of Manila where paying patients could supplement free care, but the only Methodist Church hospital in the Philippines remains committed to ministering to the poor.

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4. The oldest U.S. Methodist church in continual use is located in which city?
The correct answer is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since before America's Revolutionary War, Methodists have been worshipping at St. George's United Methodist Church in Philadelphia and its congregation is still active. The museum on site holds treasures from the denomination's founding fathers like John Wesley and Francis Asbury, and the church offers a Time Traveler experience for visitors to learn more about its history. Historic St. George's first female pastor and the church archivist gave us an exclusive tour of this landmark all United Methodists can appreciate. Take a look!

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5. Where does the Wesley Pilgrimage take place?
The correct answer is England. The pilgrimage began in 2003, the 300th anniversary of John Wesley's birth. Participants visit significant, historic sites of the early Methodist movement. They immerse themselves in the Christ-centered leadership of John and Charles Wesley and make connections between the Wesleyan heritage and missional leadership for today. The pilgrimage is sponsored by United Methodist Discipleship Ministries, the General Commission on Archives and History, and the Board of Higher Education and Ministry,

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6. Where is the first Japanese Methodist church in the Western Jurisdiction?
The correct answer is Hawaii. Harris UMC, in Honolulu, is the site of the first the Japanese Methodist Church in southern California and Hawaii. "We are especially pleased to have the first Japanese church in southern California and Hawaii recognized. Japanese Methodists have played an important role in our western Methodist history," says the Rev. Dr. DarEll T. Weist, President of the Western Jurisdiction Commission on Archives and History. "To honor one of the Japanese Mother congregations is very special to us all."

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7. Where was Phillip Otterbein, a founder of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, born?
The correct answer is Germany. Otterbein was a contemporary of the Wesleys and a friend of Asbury. He was a founder of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, one of the predecessor denominations of our United Methodist Church. He and the Church of the United Brethren in Christ ministered to German speakers in America at the same time the Methodist movement was growing among English speakers.

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8. The New Room where John Wesley once preached is located where in England?
The correct answer is surrounded by shops in Bristol. It was in this town in 1739 where Wesley committed himself to share the gospel with all people, and not just those who came to a proper church. In his words, "I submitted to be more vile," which meant he would begin preaching in the open air, as he was asked to do by a then-famous Methodist preacher named George Whitefield. Church leaders continue to serve the hundreds of thousands of people who travel there every year.

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9. Nearly destroyed during war in the 1950s, what city now has a Global Ministries office?
The correct answer is Seoul. The South Korea capital was almost wiped out in 1950 when it was occupied by North Korean troops. A new joint office of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries and The Upper Room was opened in Seoul in April 2017. A strong partnership with the Korean Methodist Church, and their offer of downtown commercial office space, helped seal the deal. Seoul now has a population over 10 million and is the headquarters for many international companies.

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10. 250 churches in Missouri partnered with churches in which country to build water wells?
The correct answer is Mozambique. Through the Mozambique Initiative, churches and schools have been built and more than 100 wells have brought far more than clean water to over 100,000 people. Some United Methodist churches in Missouri give up to 100% of their Christmas and Easter offerings to missions including water projects in Mozambique.

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