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Judicial Council

Judicial Council members ask questions during an oral hearing on Oct. 23 in Zurich. From left are members Lídia Romão Gulele, the Rev. Dennis Blackwell and Beth Capen. Screengrab from oral hearings video.

As the denomination’s highest judicial body or "court," the Judicial Council's nine members, made up of laity and clergy, are elected by the General Conference and normally meet twice a year to consider whether actions of the various church bodies adhere to the constitution and follow the rules outlined in the Book of Discipline.
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Who We Are

The Judicial Council: the UMC's top court

The church's highest judicial body has been compared to the U.S. Supreme Court. Members compare and contrast their roles serving the UMC.

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Pictured: 2016-2020 Judicial Council. (Not pictured: Beth Capen)

Who We Are

What is the Judicial Council?

Get to know the Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church and find out a little about what they do.