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Newsletters for Members and Faith Seekers
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UMC Giving  Newsletter

Giving Notes

A bi-monthly e-newsletter of generosity tips and tools to help you lead your members in authentic generous living. Please add [email protected] to your address book to ensure delivery. By subscribing you are agreeing to receive other periodic updates from UMC giving opportunities

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UMC in the World

United Methodist Now

is a bimonthly e-newsletter for church members to highlight examples of Christian living and share inspirational messages.

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Discovering Faith


Sign up for “Compass: Exploring Community, Faith, and God”, to receive real and relevant inspiration, insight, and information to help you get through the week. This newsletter, sent twice a month, is for those looking for more meaning in their lives. We are here to walk beside you, no matter where you are on your journey.

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Stay Plugged In

United Methodist News

United Methodist News keeps you informed about breaking news that affects the church. UM News also provides features, commentaries, photos, and resources that highlight the work of the church in every corner of the globe. The free daily and weekly e-newsletters also include news from annual conferences, United Methodist agencies and other sources.

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Newsletters for Leadership
Mission Moments More

Communicating the Mission

Mission Moments and More

Provides a moment for mission, offertory prayer and bite sized newsletter copy for each Sunday in the year. Content features general church observances, apportioned fund, Special Sundays, The Advance or giving in general. Use information to introduce the offering in your congregation. By subscribing you are agreeing to receive other periodic updates from UMC.org.

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The Source

Leadership Resources

The Source

The Source is a newsletter for Leaders in every area of ministry.
Every bi-weekly issue offers timely content from ResourceUMC.org — offering clergy and laity information, ideas and inspiration to support ministry in their local church.

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Noticias y recursos en español y portugués


Noticias y recursos en español y portugués para pastores y líderes laicos*. Suscríbase hoy para recibir este boletín bisemanal en su correo, que se publica los jueves. Puede encontrar más noticias en umnews.org/es, más información en para miembros en Ehispanic.umc.org y más recursos para líderes en RecursosMetodistasUnidos.org.

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Ministry Technologies


MyCom brings you share-worthy tips and videos on church communications, outreach, worship and new technology. Designed for pastors, church leaders and staff, MyCom delivers articles relevant to your job roles and interest areas.

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