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How gaming inspires spiritual connection: Compass episode 67

Good news! That video game you've sunk the last 7 nights into might be teaching you something about faith and connection. Rev. David Petty joins the Compass Podcast to point to the intersection of faith, gaming and community.

David is one of the founders CrossFire: Faith+Gaming, an online faith-based community that aims to break down the barriers many gamers face: social isolation, disconnection, and stigma. CrossFire creates an authentic and generous community that is inclusive and affirming of all people from all walks of life. David shares the story of CrossFire and how it's using digital connections--and games!--to live out its shared community goals.

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Show Notes:

Ready to become a part of the community? Check out CrossFire: Faith+Gaming

David was cool enough to share some of his favorite games with us! (In no particular order.)


  • MLB The Show,
  • Rocket League,
  • Minecraft,
  • Life is Strange,
  • Gone Home,
  • Horizon Zero Dawn,
  • God of War,
  • Spiderman,
  • Red Dead Redemption 2,
  • Unraveled,
  • Sackboy,
  • Limbo,
  • The Last of Us (and TLOU part II),
  • Concrete Genie,
  • Planet Coaster,
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps,
  • Brothers,
  • Half Life,
  • Beat Saber,
  • No Man's Sky,
  • Sea of Thieves,
  • Detroit: Become Human.

Before anyone jumps into a game, he recommends looking it up on and as a way of finding out more information about the game and whether it is age-appropriate for children to play.

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