Games, anime, comics and church: Compass episode 46

Can gaming and other interests lead to a spiritual awakening?
Can gaming and other interests lead to a spiritual awakening?

Can gaming and similar interests lead to a spiritual awakening?

Self-proclaimed "Nerd Pastor" Nathan Webb, founder of Checkpoint Church, joined the Compass Podcast to discuss gaming, anime, comics, and connecting on a spiritual level. We're all geeks for something, and Nathan details how our geek-y interests can foster something deeper. We get deep into the spiritual awareness present in "Undertale", how community is coalescing on Twitch and more!



In addition to a passionate love for God and the Church, Nathan is a major nerd in just about every way. He loves video games, anime, cartoons, comic books, tech, and his fellow nerds. Hoping to provide a spiritual community for people with similar interests, he founded Checkpoint Church--"the church for nerds, geeks and gamers." Nathan can be found lurking on some visual novel subreddit, reading the latest sh┼Źnen entry, or playing the newest Farm Sim. Nathan is an ordained provisional elder in the United Methodist Church in the Western North Carolina Conference. He also hosts his own podcasts: Babble On and Chatpoint.

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In this episode, we talked about the General Rules of Methodism as introduced by John Wesley (the founder of Methodism). These are simple rules for establishing a lifestyle of faith. You can get some of the history (and how they were originally put forth) here. Adapted for today's terms, the General Rules are:

  • Do no harm.
  • Do good.
  • Practice a love for God.

We also reminisced over a tongue-and-cheek song by Chris Rice--one that features some dated cartoon characters singing praise choruses. You can reminisce, too: