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Real relationships in virtual space: Compass podcast

COVID-19 forces us to consider how we maintain the relational connections so essential to our personal and spiritual well-being. In this episode, hosts Pierce Drake and Ryan Dunn went in search of novel ways spiritual connection happened in virtual space. They found some key insight through Dr. Rachel Kowert and some real-life spiritual community coalescing around the Gaming Chaplain, Nelson Mendoza.


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Episode Notes:

Dr. Rachel Kowert offered some insight on the value of relationships in virtual space. She is currently the Research Director for Take This, a non-profit organization that provides mental health information and resources to the gaming community and industry. She is also the Chief Scientific Officer of Kitsune Analytics.

Nelson Mendoza shared about his ministry as the Game Chaplain. He says this about his ministry on Mixer: "I'm Nelson (He/Him/His) your Friendly Neighborhood Game Chaplain playing video games and delivering some joy-filled and happy content direct to your screens. I've been a gamer forever and now I'm currently a deacon in The Episcopal Church while in the process to become a priest. This is a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs. Around here, the plan is to have a good time and to make sure everyone feels welcome!"