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Caleb Generation part 2: The Caleb Generation's Bridge from the Past to a Hopeful Future


Hello, my name is Patricia Peña. Welcome to part two. In part one, we introduce Caleb, a bridge between two generations. A man that God calls a man with a different spirit. Have you ever found yourself between two places, maybe at a crossroads in life? You know, where a lot has happened, but there's still more to do?

You have seen what the Lord has done with generations before you, but also see the possibilities of what could happen or be with the generations to come. We remember what has been, but do not stay there. I once heard a pastor say that we must look at our past as a place of remembering God's faithfulness, but we must not see it as a comfortable couch to lay.

Instead, see it as a springboard that pushes us forward. Caleb understood that God's faithfulness had led him to this point. Jeremy Taylor says that it is impossible for a person to despair. One who remembers that their helper is the omnipotent, or perhaps we think of all the things that God has done and we sing.

Great is thy faithfulness. Great is thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see all I have needed th he has provided great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me. In that same tune we find Caleb, having lived through the desert, seen God's provision, seen ups and downs. He followed the old PA and past leader, and at his age he has seen a beautiful opportunity to be a bridge for what is to come.

Caleb served the Lord wholeheartedly and he remembered what the Lord had done, made the joys and the faithfulness of God. That brought us to such a time as this be the spring that impulses us forward to what is to come in Joshua chapter 14, verse six through nine. Caleb repeats again for the sake of all the others who were only children at the time.

We see that he is at a crossroads. We are also at a crossroads. A in between. God has brought us to this place where we can look back and see what God did with generations before us as a springboard on all that God has done. But we also acknowledge that there are giants today we need to face. Joshua that we need to lift and support.

We see what was, what is and the possibilities of what can be.

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