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Caleb Generation Part 3: Courage in Every Step


Welcome. My name is Patricia Peña. What a remarkable life. In Parts one and two, we have walked through Caleb's journey from serving the Lord wholeheartedly, to seeing all God did in the desert under Moses's leadership journeying with Caleb as he reminisced on God's faithfulness, not reclining on the good old days, but being a bridge between generations lifting Joshua and standing on God's promises to move forward and conquer the land courageously.

Now we find him at the mature age of 85. Yet, still serving the Lord wholeheartedly with the same courageous spirit saying, I feel as strong as I was before. Give me the land you promise.

I pray we choose like Caleb to move courageously to the future. Lifting the new generation of Joshuas and with God at hand, fighting the giants, not only for what has been but for our future generations. This is what makes Caleb an ideal bridge for a Generation in Between.

He knew God was not done yet and could still use him at that age, and he knew that the best thing he could do was to secure land for future generations, for the future children to enjoy the promises fulfilled. What fascinates me about this story is that a few of the giants were still roaming the land and battling, but Caleb is determined to fight for future generations.

One important thing is that Caleb saw three generations. He saw the ones that lived the miracles but stayed in the desert, the generation that entered the promised land and conquered, and the future generation that began to enjoy the land. The Bible accounts that when they settled, they lived on the land to this day, and there was peace in the land.

What a beautiful promise. What a remarkable life of maybe an unsung hero of the Bible. The life of one who understood what it meant to be a generation in between. One who lived wholeheartedly, trusting in the Lord. Looking back as we learned in the first video to God's faithfulness that led them to that crossroad of what was and is to come. To spring him forth courageously to conquer the land for future generations.

May we be like Caleb, compassionately caring to celebrate what was with certainty looking at what is and depend on God's faithfulness, supporting the new generation of leaders. And finally, courageously conquering the land for generations to come.

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