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Easy Ube Pastry Rolls

Ube purple sweet potato has been a staple ingredient in the Philippines for centuries. Pretty, purple pastries are popping up in Filipino bakeries outside the Philippines, but fresh ube is harder to find for most cooks. This easy recipe uses frozen puff pastry and jarred ube jam which can be found online and in some grocery stores.

Ingredients: packaged puff pastry, ube halaya jam, one egg

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In the Philippines, families go to church at midnight and come home to a big, celebratory meal in the early hours of Christmas morning. The menu may include favorite comfort foods like lechon (crispy roast pork) and pancit (noodles cooked with bits of meat and vegetables), and ube halaya (a pudding-like dessert made with coconut, sweetened condensed milk and purple sweet potatoes).

During Advent 2022, Macdu United Methodist Church in Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya in the Philippines enjoyed purple ube mashed with coconut milk in a traditional preparation after worship. The Rev. Frankie Ortilano Cayaban shared a post on Facebook of his church family "enjoying a snack in the color of Advent."

Facebook post shared by Macdu UMC in the Philippines showing celebrating Advent with ube

Members of Macdu UMC in the Philippines serve ube purple sweet potato

Children at Macdu UMC in the Philippines enjoy a snack made with ube sweet potato

These ube purple sweet potatoes were left at the home of Pastor Frankie Ortilano Cayaban of Macdu UMC

The congregation at Macdu UMC celebrates the third Sunday in Advent by eating purple ube sweet potato

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