Bishops' personal faith stories: Get Your Spirit in Shape

United Methodist bishops pose for a group photo in May 2017 on the steps of First United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas. Photo by Maidstone Mulenga, Council of Bishops.
United Methodist bishops pose for a group photo in May 2017 on the steps of First United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas. Photo by Maidstone Mulenga, Council of Bishops.

In these casual, one-on-one conversations with our United Methodist bishops. we get behind their bios to chat about their early lives and influences, their calls to ministry, and what they do when they have time to relax. Each bishop also recommends a practice they use to help keep them close to God each day. These audio recordings offer a great way to get to know the bishops of The United Methodist Church. Explore similar conversations with other United Methodist leaders at Get Your Spirit in Shape.

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar

In this “Meet a Bishop” episode, the Boston Area bishop talks about growing up in India, pastoral visits to coffee estates, and pilgrimages to Taizé.

Bishop Paul Leeland

United Methodist bishop is a trained pastoral counselor, a chess player, an avid reader, and secret musician... but he told us what he plays!

Bishop James Swanson is a powerful preacher. Photo by Paul Jeffrey, United Methodist News Service.

Bishop James Swanson

The bishop shares how his home church shaped him, the importance of “glory sightings” and the spiritual reason he carries a rock in his toiletry bag.

Bishop Lawson Bryan

South Georgia bishop discusses early life in church, the question that called him from science to ministry, and keeping his spirit in shape today.

‘God Utilizes Everything’ with our United Methodist Bishops

Clips from our ‘Meet a Bishop’ chats teach how God shapes us as disciples of Jesus, even when things don’t happen the way we planned.

Bishop Hee-Soo Jung

Growing up in Korea, his conversion to Christianity at 16 started him on a lifelong pursuit of building bridges between the gospel, culture and faith groups.

Bishop Kenneth Carter

The United Methodist Council of Bishops president and Florida’s bishop, shares his faith journey, enjoying baseball, and intentionally taking Sabbath.

Bishop Eduard Khegay

Growing up in the Soviet Union, he was skeptical of the Christian faith. When friends invited him to church events, he found joy and purpose in Jesus.

Bishop Leonard Fairley

Growing up in poverty, life was not easy. In church, this future bishop found there was “always enough,” “always room,” and he was “always welcome.”

Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi

A pastor’s kid and former school psychologist, this United Methodist bishop encourages us to see beyond barriers and embrace possibilities

Bishop Laurie Haller

United Methodist bishop, musician, author, and endurance athlete shares about her life, call to ministry, and how she keeps her spirit in shape.

Bishop Frank Beard

At 11 years old, he was asked to acolyte in his United Methodist church, “Lighting the candles. Firing up the church. I think that’s been my mantra ever since.”

Bishop Sharma Lewis

A United Methodist bishop shares about her roots in the church, her call from medicine to ministry, a love of shoes, and her rich prayer life.

Bishop Rodolfo A. Juan

Raised in a church his grandparents founded, the Philippines United Methodist bishop is passionate about serving the poor, caring for the planet, and sharing the gospel with others.

Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr.

The Great Plains bishop shares his call to ordained ministry from a career as a high school teacher, football coach, and business owner.

Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson

Bishop Sue tells us about her early career in law, her call to ministry, her love of books and Broadway, and her daily practice of silence.

Bishop Harald Rückert

In this conversation, we learn that the bishop of the Germany Central Conference once studied food technology, plays the sax, and speaks 4 languages.