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No-Cook Potluck Ideas

When we gather for a meal with church family, it’s a time for fellowship and sharing favorite recipes. Some members of your congregation may live in dorm rooms or assisted living homes. Not everyone has access to a full kitchen. Here are some no-cook recipe ideas for your next church covered-dish supper.

First up, three bean salad. 3 cans of beans and some chopped onion and celery make up this old school favorite that’s such a classic it has its own Wikipedia page.
Recipe card for Three Bean Salad
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Next, there are a lot of variations on roll-up sandwiches; with meat or vegetarian, including this recipe for pinwheels served with salsa for a little kick, shared on the Florida conference recipe swap.
Recipe card for Tortilla Pinwheels
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Easy to assemble with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and spices, these mini caprese salads on a stick are perfect for those of us who like to taste a little bit of each thing on the serving table.
Recipe card for Caprese Skewers
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Bean dip, taco seasoning and sour cream… this easy, seven layer dip is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Recipe card for 7 Layer Dip
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And finally, instant pudding, vanilla wafers, whipped topping, maybe some fancy shortbread cookies on top, banana pudding is an easy “yes.”
Recipe card for Banana Pudding
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