Liturgical dancers use flame-shaped banners. Courtesy photo from the Rev. Todd Pick's website,


Pentecost Sunday—May 23, 2021—is a celebration of the events told in Acts 2 when the first followers of Jesus were empowered by the Holy Spirit for the task of building the church and making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Symbols of wind, fire, water and a dove give us an idea of the excitement and unpredictability of the Holy Spirit.

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Flying a red kite is one way to commemorate Pentecost. File photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist Communications.

Ways We Grow

Ideas for celebrating Pentecost at home

From red candles on a cake, to a shared prayer, there are many ways United Methodists can mark the church's birthday with family devotionals.

Pentecost mosaic Image by Holger Schué from Pixabay 1500

Ask The UMC-FAQs

What is Pentecost?

The Christian festival of Pentecost, on the 50th day after Jesus’ resurrection, celebrates the gift the Holy Spirit and birth of the church.



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