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Wesley Bros Comics: Playing Cards

The Rev. Charlie Baber says all his life, whether in school or in meetings, he has drawn figures to pass the time. Often he sketches famous people from church history. Baber put 54 of these on playing cards so that fans of his Wesley Bros comic series can play games with the likes of Richard Allen, Frances Willard and Charles Wesley's cat.


The Rev. Charlie Baber, Creator of the Wesley Bros Comics: "Recently I designed a deck of playing cards, like poker style playing cards. On each card there's a different character that is either immediately responsible for the Methodist movement, or was influenced by the Methodist movement or influential on the movement. It took some time to design 52 unique characters plus 2 jokers who are famous church heretics. But each card is meant to show one of my characters in full color, but also their actual dates that they were alive and a one liner about why they matter to church history. I'd have to say my favorite addition is Grimalkin who is Charles Wesley's cat. And he makes it on the two of spades. Grimalkin was just an old English term for grey tabby cat. But I thought it sounded like the perfect cat name."


The Rev. Charlie Baber is a Youth Minister at University United Methodist Church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Baber has a book of his Wesley Bros comics published by Abingdon Press. Buy a deck of playing cards or other items from the Wesley Bros Comics store on Etsy.

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This video was first posted on November 28, 2018.

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