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United Methodist crafts cheese masterpieces

Karen Roberts turns cheese into edible art. From comic book characters to Christian symbols, Roberts has fashioned them in fromage. 

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Video transcript

You may ask yourself: is it cake? Is it pie? Or cookies?

It’s Magic!

All of these creations are cheese.

[Karen Roberts, Belmont United Methodist Church] Both my sisters paint. They are both artists, and so now I say, “My medium is cheeseball.”

Karen Roberts sculpts cheese like a Salvador Dali of dairy, a Michelangelo of Monterey Jack.

[Roberts] We’ve had baby showers, wedding showers, funerals…

Roberts has been using the same secret recipe for 50 years, but she’s lost count of all the designs of these spreadable showstoppers for church events and family occasions.

[Roberts] The cheeseballs I’ve made include a butterfly, a shark, a bird’s nest, Chewbacca’s head, a lamb, the Cross and Flame….”

Friends have encouraged Roberts to her to turn her hobby into a business. But Karen says the pressure of meeting other people’s expectations would take the joy out of creating her Picassos and Power Rangers in provolone. Or whatever cheese is in that secret cheeseball recipe.

[Roberts] And it’s just a fun thing for me to do. And if I ever get frustrated, in shaping one, and it’s not coming together like I want, I just have to remind myself, “It’s just food, it’ll disappear anyway.” (laughs)


Karen Roberts is a member of Belmont United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

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