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United Methodist Beliefs: Divorce

Do you have questions about the meaning of some of the terms and teachings of The United Methodist Church? In this series, we ask clergy to share their understanding of topics. No preaching, just conversation. In this episode we discuss what The United Methodist Church has to say about divorce with the Rev. Felicia Hopkins, pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Abilene, Texas.


The Rev. Felicia Hopkins, St. Paul Abilene United Methodist Church: “It’s very clear that in the Bible, whether it’s the Old Testament or New Testament, that the Word of God is not in favor of divorce. Divorce hurts everyone involved. I know this because in 2006, I went through a divorce myself. Associate pastor at a large church, had to make a decision about what I was gonna do with two small children. What happened to me was sad, but I was welcomed in my church. I stood in front of hundreds of people and I told them my story. And afterwards, they hugged me. They had empathy for me. If you have experienced a divorce, that’s happened to you and your family, The United Methodist Church is here for you. We want to love you. We want to help you. We want you to be a part of our family and, of course, the Body of Christ.”


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This video was first posted on November 7, 2017.

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