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The Recap | Episode 9

Welcome to The Recap: What United Methodists need to know!

Gain a better understanding of what is going on in The United Methodist Church, find inspiration in stories of ministry and learn how our denomination is transforming the world.

In this episode

We embark on a Social Justice Pilgrimage in the Baltimore-Washington Conference and learn that the lessons of history are useless unless they are applied to our approach to the future.

We celebrate that the popular Disciple Bible Study has gone digital, offering participants new ways to connect with study materials and their small group.

We visit the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to hear about how The UMC is assisting 100 women living with HIV, as well as their children.

We receive an invitation from Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton for all United Methodists to find their role in the next expression of United Methodism.

We highlight recent #BeUMC social media posts. Want to be featured? Share your story!

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