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The Recap | Episode 3

Welcome to The Recap: What United Methodists need to know!

Gain a better understanding of what is going on in The United Methodist Church, find inspiration in stories of ministry and learn how our denomination is transforming the world.

In this episode

We celebrate the generous gifts that are supporting Ukrainian war refugees and natural disaster victims around the world. Learn more about the work made possible by the $59 million donated so far this year:

We look back at favorite stories, videos and podcast episodes created in 2022. Browse the collection to find content that will inspire, educate and encourage you today.

We learn about the Junius B. Dotson Institute for Music and Worship in the Black Church and Beyond, which was established this year and is led by the Rev. Dr. Cynthia A. Wilson. Read more:

We find out that nearly 10,000 stories of mission, ministry, outreach, fellowship and worship have been shared via #BeUMC. Learn how to celebrate the ministries and events that have made you proud to #BeUMC.

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