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A senior's prayer for coronavirus

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Shirley Bachelder is no stranger to She’s been featured in several articles, including the story of her “Love One Another” billboard, which went viral. Now, just two weeks before she turns 99, this United Methodist is hoping to spread another message in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. As in all things, Bachelder is quick to downplay any credit for her work and this prayer is no different. “I wrote it,” she says, “but God guides me in everything.”

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I’m Shirley Bachelder and I live at the Steeplechase in Tennessee.

I’m going to be 99 in the next couple of weeks. I wanted to report about this evil that is inhabiting the world. So Abby said she would put me on Facebook, so this is my little prayer.

Dear Lord and Father of us all,

Even by another name, we now know you as God, Ruler of the World and Creator of the Universe and our own Special Father. Hear our prayers.

Hear the prayers of seniors, staff, workers and families at Steeplechase, Franklin, Tennessee

Hide us in the shadow of your wings. Make the fortress of our God our safety.

Let us not be weary in loving one another, of taking precautions, of praying each day and praising you.

You have control of even this evil day.

Be with those desperate souls trying to fathom what they can do to kill the nucleus.

Give comfort to those who panic easily. And make the days go quickly.

Let us not forget to pray, not only for ourselves, but for those lonely people who are overwhelmed

And those who meet resistance in their work to overcome this disease.

Help us not to be anxious about the future.

Help to know that, in spite of all the negative vibes, that you are still able.

In each life that my voice reaches, be assured that the least among us that the coronavirus will be overcome.

That those who die will find a loving hand to guide them to the promised Heaven.

They will not be alone, but will have joy unspeakable.

Bless us here, we ask humbly, not because we deserve it but because we are your people and the sheep of your pasture.

With love and bless again, Shirley.


For more information about Shirley Bachelder, watch her interview for United Methodist Communications' "Get Your Spirit in Shape" podcast.

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This video was first posted on March 25, 2020. 

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