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Risky Discipleship: The Village at Glencliff


In this video, learn the story of The Village at Glencliff, a unique respite care community for persons experiencing homelessness, and the risky discipleship required by the United Methodists who made it happen. 


Robb Nash: Look behind me and look at the marvel that you have created. This is a place of intentional dignity, healing, love and respect.

First class respite care rests on the foundation of clinical care, as healing the body is fundamental to the full life that is the birthright for every last one of  us.

Rev. Ingrid McIntyre: Very strange thing that we’re doing because it’s a little bit different. But we believe that it is the story of love that needs to be shared.

We had tried to build the Village in several different places, so when we came to Glencliff and we asked this community if they would be willing, they said, ‘Yes.’

Neal Herrmuth: Because I believe that’s what God would have wanted – for us to help the people. I didn’t see any reason at all why He would not want this to happen.  And that’s why I voted yes.

Mary Hancock: I just think we’re supposed to help people. I think Jesus said to ask, invite strangers in your home. So I wish more people would do that.

Ingrid McIntyre: Members of this church who are mostly women, older women and people experiencing homelessness said ‘It’s OK. We’re going to walk this journey together. It may mean that we see less before we see more but we think this is the faithful thing to do.’

So, to me, that is risky discipleship.

Valerie Stringer: I can’t imagine how it would be to be homeless and leave the hospital and have to be homeless again and not be able to recover, to have a safe place to go to where they can heal.

Brenda Hicks: They don’t need the money so much as they need help. They need a friend. They need somebody to be close to them.

Ingrid McIntyre: Especially I want to say, because I think this was the most risky thing, I want to say thank you to the people at Glencliff United Methodist Church.

They believed in love, really, right? They believed in the fact that all people are created by God and, therefore, deserve a place not just to live and survive, but to thrive.

This video was created by United Methodist Communications and posted on August 11, 2021. Media contact is Joe Iovino.

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