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Personal purpose, creativity and the voice of God

The creative expression aligns our spirits with God's creative spirit.
The creative expression aligns our spirits with God's creative spirit.

I think that when most people think of supernatural experiences they think of seeing ghosts, or angels or having premonitions. The kind of thing where the hair starts to stand up on your skin. Have you ever had a supernatural experience? 

Personally, I have never seen a ghost or angel, or any sort of supernatural image that would disturb my reality. And I am happy to say that. In fact, I am thrilled that I have never had any supernatural encounter. Despite the fact that I have never had and hopefully never will have any supernatural encounters, I do believe that I have encountered God on numerous occasions. 

The creative expression aligns our spirits with God's creative spirit.Some may say those occasions are supernatural. Some may just blow them off as nothing. However, for me personally, my encounters with God were not grandiose experiences that made me tremble and shake. Instead my encounters with God felt more like a loving hand on my back guiding me.

When I was younger I was more attuned to the voice of God. It seemed like God would speak to my heart with strong impressions. They were not my own thoughts or feelings. For me this was a supernatural experience. There were no angels singing or audible voices. Nor did God speak to me through a gust of wind or ray of light. Instead God spoke to my heart through a still small voice that spoke volumes into my whole being. I have noticed that the voice reverberated through me and into the lives of those around me. 

God's presence in creative expression

Most of the time God’s voice was channeled through art. Art has always been a way for God to connect with me, and I believe that it is what he has called me to do. 

I have noticed throughout my life that when I trust that still small voice and follow its guidance, it creates a seemingly supernatural experience. Currently, I am putting the final touches on my first mural in downtown Chattanooga. This mural project has been in the works since July of 2020. It has taken a lot of diligence and persevering to get to this point. But before I even heard about the project I had a simple prayer that God would make a creative space for me here in Chattanooga to express myself. I prayed for a space that would allow me to make a difference in our community through the use of my God-given talent. That is exactly what happened. 


When I applied for this project I knew somewhere deep down in my heart that I was going to be selected and that this project was going to be a place for me to share a piece of my purpose with the city. Throughout this project God blessed me with wonderful people to work beside. I got to see first hand how God uses our creativity to connect us on a different level of our psyche. 

It was cool to witness the work of my hands leave an impression not only on the wall, but also an impression on people's hearts. Though I do not hear the voice of God so clearly anymore, I think God talks to me more through my art. I believe that God called me for this purpose, and now I am finally bearing witness to how God uses our talents to reach into the hearts of others. Art creates a supernatural connection between people. Not only does it connect the viewer to the art form, but also to the artist. Sharing that connection with viewers as I worked on this mural was a supernatural feeling. I am not sure how my intuition picked up on the fact that I was going to be a part of this mural project, but I trusted and believed then it came to be. 

Each and everyone one of us has a unique purpose for being here on this earth. We are created in the image of God. We hold God’s likeness and creativity in our hearts and in our being. When we allow that creativity to shine out into the darkness of the world the effect can be powerful, sometimes even supernatural.

 Have you ever had an experience of God speaking to you? How do you hear from God?

Madison Myers is a student at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, majoring in marketing. She has traveled to a majority of America's National Parks and is eager to see them all.