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The people called Methodists

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The people called Methodists comprise 80 denominations in 138 countries. These 80 million people throughout the world, including 13 million who are members of The United Methodist Church, all trace their origins back to John Wesley, an 18th century British minister.

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Did you know the people called Methodists include 80 denominations in 138 countries?

All trace their roots back to John Wesley, a British minister who spent much of the 18th century preaching about personal and world transformation through Jesus Christ.

From the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Austrailia to the Evangelical Methodist Church of Costa Rica to Sri Lanka Methodist Church, the people called Methodists include more than 80 million members, including approximately 13 million members around the world of The United Methodist  Church.

Connected through a shared mission to positively impact the world, the people called Methodists continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

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