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Our UM Table: Three Mexican Recipes

United Methodist Bilha Alegria learned to cook from her mother who never used recipe cards or measuring cups. Bilha’s father was a pastor in Monterrey, Mexico, and the family lived at the church because there was no parsonage. Cooking was done outdoors over an open fire.

Bilha Alegria and her husband Rudy are members of Brentwood United Methodist Church in Tennessee.

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Flour Tortillas

The flat, quick-cooking breads are practical because they can be used in place of plates. No utensils are necessary for tacos, burritos or other popular Mexican and Latin American dishes.

Mexican Rice

Mexican rice is a quick, inexpensive and flavorful side dish. Bilha shares her family recipe that has a secret ingredient for extra flavor.

Quick Chicken Mole

Traditional Mexican mole sauce can take a full day to prepare. A recipe shortcut allows you to make a mole in minutes. Yes, you can have chicken mole on a weeknight!

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