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Let’s step forward. Together.

The United Methodist Church is strong, enduring and courageous. We stand on a solid foundation built by the generations of Methodists who’ve come before us, rooting us in Wesleyan theology that continues to guide our steps.

As we look toward tomorrow, we also give thanks for yesterday and celebrate where we are today. Each aspect of our past and present is a stepping stone on the path we are walking together. A path that leads to a hope-filled future.

God is calling us to fulfill our mission. As Bishop Thomas Bickerton says, “Our ministries, our faith in Christ, our presence in communities around the world... These are vibrant, lifegiving, transformative opportunities to make this world a better place—the place that God envisioned for all of us. A place where everyone can thrive.”

Watch and share these videos to find encouragement, joy and purpose.

Reclaim our connection

Together, we can do immeasurably more than any one of us can do alone. Across the globe, United Methodists are building relationships, sharing the hope found in Christ and proclaiming God’s love.

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Revive our discipleship

We follow the call to make disciples of Jesus Christ. From the youngest baby to the eldest leader, we nourish lifelong spiritual growth through Bible study, worship, discussion, ministry and fellowship.

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Renew our ministries

Our mission is active. God is transforming the world through our work, seen in fruitful harvests, healthy families, rebuilt homes, educated leaders, crowded churches and warmed hearts.

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