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Korean American United Methodists Serve Cass Community

NEXUS is a United Methodist ministry designed to connect young church leaders from English-speaking congregations in the U.S. with other Korean-American churches and with the greater United Methodist Church. In August of 2019, the group met in Detroit, Michigan for a few days of worship, networking and community service. The group pitched in at Cass Community, a United Methodist Ministry that is providing affordable housing in Detroit.


(Detroit, Michigan)

(Voice of Joseph Ahn) “Some of the work we were doing today was we were shoveling dirt around, trying to fill up potholes…”

United Methodists from Korean-American congregations spent time volunteering at Cass Community, a ministry that builds affordable, tiny homes in Detroit.

Sue Pethoud, Volunteer Coordinator for Cass Community: “Today’s group, the Nexus group came and worked in the tiny homes area. There hasn’t been a house in this area probably in 25 or 30 years. And so the sidewalks over time actually got buried. So, they’ve dug out the sidewalks. Now we know what we need to replace.”

NEXUS is an organization of young leaders from Korean American churches in the U.S. this service project is an example of how churches can connect with community.

NEXUS member Joseph Ahn is a church youth director.

Joseph Ahn, Korean Madisonville United Methodist: “It’s really easy to talk about the Bible and sing songs in an air conditioned tile-floored room, but I think Jesus and his disciples weren’t really doing that. They were out in the streets; they were in the dirt, doing work, interacting with people. And I think we as a church should do the same.”


Cass Community Social Services is an outreach of Cass Community United Methodist Church.

NEXUS is an organization of Korean American United Methodists.

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This video was first posted on September 4, 2019.

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