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Kenya Youth Leader: Peter Karanja


Peter Karanja says becoming a Christian is the best thing he has done in his life. Karanja lives each day as an example for others of how faith can bring joy to all you do.

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(Locator: Naivasha, Kenya)

"My name is Peter Karanja. I'm 24 years old. I live in Naivasha, Kenya.


Typically, this is how my day is. I wake up early in the morning, 6:30. I pray. Take my breakfast as I'm reading my bible. From there, I come to my garden. Take some kales if need be for the lunch. And then from here, once I am done with my farm, I go to the children's shelter where my faith is charged.

(speaking to room full of boys) Today, I am here because I love you guys. I just love you guys.

I came here due to the post election violence. That was in the year 2007. And our home was destroyed. I was down. And I thought maybe I didn't have a future. Thank God. I'm okay and I have something to do.

I became a Christian for one reason. It's because I saw the changed life. It's a good life.

I became a member of the United Methodist Church as soon as I arrived here. I am also a school teacher and I am a youth leader. And one of the things we do is just spread out the gospel.

(speaking to boys) The bible tells us that as soldiers, you cannot just go out to the battles without you wearing proper gears. The belt is the truth. You will not hide the truth. You need to be always ready.

(counting with little girl on step) One, two, three, four, five, six...

I mentor youth and for one. Maybe a young person come. Maybe he's discouraged or she's discouraged what I tell them is: 'Yes, this is life, and the life has so many discouragements. I also encourage them through the Bible. Yes, we see in the life of Jesus. Yes, he had a lot of discouragement. The life wasn't that easy for him. He told us that he'll give us a helper.' So most likely I do encourage them to keep on praying, keep on praying and everything will go right.

(Peter handing out candy after the game) Good work. Good work. Good work. Next time, make sure your team wins. Okay number one?

I love God and all-in-all I know he is a giver of everything. And in my walk in faith, that is the best thing I have in life is to walk in faith. It helps me in many ways.

I'm very happy for United Methodist Church. I like all their programs. It's a good church to be in."

(singing with the group) "Oh God is good. Oh God is good." 


Peter Karanja's story was featured at the United Methodist General Conference in 2102 during the Young People's Address. To learn more about young leaders in the church, visit the website for the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship.

Posted: February 6, 2013

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