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Drawing close while social distancing

“Faith is personal, but never private.”

I’ve spent the better part of the last couple of days clicking from one social media live video to another. Last Sunday I watched three consecutive online worship services. This isn’t typical behavior. It’s a symptom of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders. Despite being on the extreme end of the introversion scale, I’m craving some human contact.

I’m also keenly aware that faith flourishes in connection with other individuals. Without other people, my faith starts to wilt like the dried out lily I left on the sill of my now-closed office.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this. In fact, several groups are creatively responding--providing novel means of connection and spiritual activity. When you’re craving that personal and spiritual connection, too, check out some of these helpful online opportunities.

Online worship

These churches are hosting worship services online. Many also host online discussions and prayer groups. Some even provide daily devotionals.

Other Online Gatherings

Cokesbury Kids hosts weekly online sessions for families.

Order of the Trinity invites participants into regularly scheduled prayer practices.

We’re posting videos nearly every day in hopes of fostering both spiritual and personal connection.

These churches are posting regular Bible studies and devotionals online (we'd love to add more, so if you're a part of a church hosting regular online devotionals, email [email protected]):


The Open Pew released an episode with counselor Tony Caldwell talking about practicing self-love during quarantine.

Reports from the Spiritual Frontier hosts a series of COVID-19 based episodes.

Our own Compass Podcast recently released an episode regarding God moments in times of crisis, fostering online relationships, and communal online spiritual practices.

Ryan Dunn is the Minister of Online Engagement for the Rethink Church team. If you have more suggestions, or questions about Rethink Church, contact him at rdunn(at)