Church Builds Tiny Homes with Curb Appeal

The upfront cost of green building materials make them a luxury for home buyers, but a church in Detroit is putting low-income home owners in the forefront of the green revolution. Cass Community United Methodist is building tiny homes with solar panels and green technology to help first-time home buyers live sustainably and comfortably in this planned community. Each home is small and solar-powered, with unique charm. 

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(Detroit, Michigan)

The Rev. Faith Fowler, Cass Community United Methodist Church: "So, this is one of our newest houses, lots of windows, it allows in light. Very tall ceilings, it has a loft bedroom, a dining space, obviously a kitchen a full-size stove and microwave, an apartment-size refrigerator."

Each one of these 250-400 square foot tiny houses is energy efficient and solar powered with unique curb-appeal. The vision of the rev. Faith Fowler and her church, Cass Community United Methodist, in Detroit.

The Rev. Faith Fowler: "We have a Tudor, a lighthouse, a modern house, a recycle house. They're all very attractive. Every house is different. That I thought was important because if you're poor you tend to live in ugly housing stock."

Church members set out to re-think affordable housing and sustainability.

The Rev. Faith Fowler: "I think it communicates to people that poor folks can be at the cutting edge, or the lead, of the green revolution."

A green gym, clinic, and store are within walking distance in this planned community.

The Rev. Faith Fowler: "It's been fun to build a neighborhood, not just houses but people are the neighborhood."

Cass Community Social Services is an outreach of Cass Community United Methodist Church.

Faith Fowler has written a book called Tiny Homes in a Big City, about the logistics and decisions behind the Cass tiny home project.

This video was produced by United Methodist Communications in Nashville, TN.
Media contact is Fran Walsh, 615-742-5458.
This video was first posted on August 1, 2019.