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Chris Pratt's wisdom for the soul

Chris Pratt, who has gained considerable recognition for acting in roles portraying a lovable loser, is a winner. In June 2018, he received MTV's Generation Award — an award recognizing a lifetime of achievement in moviemaking. In his acceptance speech, Pratt shared some wisdom for winning in life. He offered practical advice. He also creatively offered an enticing spiritual witness and invitation. The full speech is viewable below.

His speech took the form of nine points. Some were comedic examples: like how to not befowl a bathroom at a party. Others pointed to practical tips: do not be a bully. And several more gave Pratt the opportunity to share the joy he has found in faith.

One point in particular provided a theme for the other eight points: if you are giving a dog medicine, wrap it in hamburger. "They won't even know they're eating medicine," Pratt noted. His whole speech was spiritual medicine wrapped in hamburger. "You have soul — take care of it," Pratt offered.

How take care of the soul

How do we take care of our soul, according to Pratt? First, serve others: "It feels good and it's good for your soul." Secondly, believe that God loves you and wants the best for you. Imagine being constantly assured that you are loved and cared for. Thirdly, learn to pray. Lastly, accept that you are not perfect, but that you are deeply loved anyway. "If you are willing to accept that you will have grace," offered Pratt, "and grace is a gift."

What makes Pratt's points of wisdom so enticing is that they obviously come out of the joy and satisfaction Pratt finds in his own faith. He shared his faith with us without threat or demand. He shared his faith with us as a gift wrapped in love and hopefulness. Pratt has experienced grace, and he hopes the rest of us experience it, too.

Pratt offered a glimpse of what he deems a better way without tearing anything else down. He did not berate people for being lazy or close-minded. He did not threaten hellfire or a loss of moral compass. He offered grace and a witness to joy in a way that many of us are open to receiving.

Pratt gave practical witness to Richard Rohr's famous tweet/quote: "The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better."


You can view Chris Pratt's full acceptance speech here:

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Ryan Dunn is the Minister of Online Engagement for Rethink Church

[Posted June 22, 2018]