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Check out the Rethink Church Audio Magazine

We've assembled several of our most-read posts into a podcast.
We've assembled several of our most-read posts into a podcast.

In 2021, we started offering audio versions of our written content. In order to make this content as easily accessible as possible, we thought it would be handy to batch these recordings together and offer it in this space in between our regular Compass podcast episodes.

 Rethink Church is meant to be a point of connection and invitation for people who are curious about faith. We have several new articles on the page each month. They’re like blog posts for spiritual seekers–providing everything from walkthroughs of spiritual practices to practical guides for social justice interventions to ideas about living more balanced lives.

We’ve taken several of the most-read articles from the Rethink Church page and brought them to you in audio form, so you can now take our informative and inspiring posts with you.

In this initial edition of the Rethink Church AudioMag:

“5 ways to be more spiritual” from Mandy Sloan McDow

“Does Jesus have something to teach us about toxic busyness” by Ryan Dunn

“When my faith is frightening” by Joseph Yoo

“Maybe God doesn’t have an exact plan for your life” by Madison Myers

And “Body and Blood: the true horror of Midnight Mass” from Nathan Webb


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The Compass Podcast seeks to orient us to the Divine presence in daily life by sharing thoughts, inspiration and practices for nurturing our souls and broadening our perspectives.

This bi-monthly podcast talks with special guests about how they are encountering spirituality in surprising ways--like in facing up to their own self-doubt, asking questions, or in hanging out with their kids. Join hosts Pierce and Ryan as they go on a journey to come up with creative answers to the old, old question: "How goes it with your soul?"

Some episodes we think you'll like:

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